Meet Our Newest Employee

Here at Fizzco we love having new people join our Fizzco family. So, we would like to tell you a little bit about our newest employees.


Parker the polar bear, but his friends call him parker, joined the Fizzco team in 2020 because we like us; wants to make Christmas special.


Parker has moved to Lincoln from the north pole because he thought there was enough magic there, and he knew that families up and down the UK need a little more magic in their lives after a rather weird 2020.  


A few fun facts about parker…

  1. His previous work experience involves being chief Christmas tree decorators. His duties involved supervising and quality checking all Christmas trees where up to his exceptional standard and were good enough for their customers.
  2. Some of parkers hobbies include singing; he particularly loves singing Christmas carols. And he loves fishing- When the weather is good.
  3. His favourite Christmas cracker joke is Q: What kind of hugs do polar bears give?… Bear hugs!

To celebrate his arrival, we have created our very own Christmas advert!

We hope you enjoy seeing Parker add a little more magic to Christmas – Making this Christmas even more special.

ChristmasTimeUK Christmas Advert 2020

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